Mobile Installation Booking

Installation Terms & Conditions

Thank you for booking your installation with Allin Towbars.  To ensure a timely, quality and safe install, please read and acknowledge the terms and conditions below.

  • Installs will not be confirmed as a booking until a purchase order is supplied
  • Prior to install, please ensure the boot is empty and no valuables are left in the vehicle
  • Prior to install, our technician together with your representative, will conduct a post install check of the vehicle to ensure it is left in the same condition as prior to install.
  • If there is a baby/child’s seat in the vehicle, we recommend it is removed prior to install. If this is not convenient and we need to adjust the seat fittings during install, we will unbuckle the child seat and leave it laying on its side in the vehicle.  The vehicle owner will be responsible for refitting the seat. (A professional or licenced installer may be required)
  • For our technicians, please provide:-
    • A safe place to install that is not on a public road or space (ie car park)
    • Access to power
    • A surface that is level (ie not a sloping driveway)
    • A sheltered area in the event of rain or intense heat
  • In the event our technicians deem the install area to be unsafe or unsatisfactory, they may decline to carry out the install
  • In the event our technicians detect damage or modifications to the vehicle that may compromise an installation, they may decline to carry-out the install.
  • In the event a non-standard part is ordered for the install and the install is cancelled, a restocking fee may apply.
  • If you need to change or cancel the booking, please provide as much notice as possible. In the event our technicians arrive and the vehicle is not available, a re-booking fee may be charged.
  • If account terms are COD, payment is required prior to install
  • Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a fixed install time, please allow a 4 hour window on the day

Thank you, we look forward to seeing you soon!